Thoughts: Pottermore’s New Look

A.K.A.: My “rediscovery” of Pottermore

Hey lovelies!

If you’ve read my about page, you’ll know that I am a hardcore potterhead.  My love for Harry Potter knows no bounds, because it simply has no bounds. So when I discovered Pottermore in 2011-2012 (I have a bad memory), I absolutely loved the site as it was an interactive interface which managed to give me the most realistic Hogwarts experience a muggle like me could possibly have (please bear with me as I take a trip down the memory lane).

Fun fact: I made two accounts, because I felt the wand I got at first didn’t really fit my personality.

Since then, Pottermore has changed a lot. Seriously. When I first started using Pottermore, this was what the interface looked like:

Credits to BloodCat122 (i.e. not me, although I did brew a lot of potions) who took this screenshot.

After a while, Pottermore evolved! It became extra fancy and cool.

Screenshot credits to RuneSpell1 (i.e. not me, again).

Then, there were some complications. Pottermore thereupon changed into a new and less interactive site. Essentially, it is quite like a fan site, except it has exclusive articles written by the Queen, J. K. Rowling herself, so it’s more special in that sense.

I only found out about this recently, because I didn’t use Pottermore that often anymore because of my increasing load of school work ( 😦 ). In a sense, I “rediscovered” Pottermore again this year.

Am I happy about this change? Not really. The old site was so much more interactive and fun to experience, but I’m not mad or especially sad by it’s “death”. I quite like the new site as well. First of all, I’m sure the coding must have been so complicated because Pottermore is a very beautiful site. Also, it still has a lot of Ms Rowling’s awesome articles that was transferred from the old Pottermore. There was one thing I was really upset about though. I no longer knew what wand I had (because being the unforgettable person I am, I forgot what it was and never noted it down), and I lost all my potions (I was not as upset about the potions though haha).

But what I really wanted to tell you guys about, is new Pottermore’s most recent addition. They brought the wand and sorting ceremony back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The original point of this post was to share what I got for the quizzes with you guys, but I digressed quite a lot. 😛

Untitled picture
Credits to me (for real).

My wand remained the same as before, so that was pretty interesting. However, I got sorted into Ravenclaw this time (I was in Gryffindor before).

The quizzes have amazing illustrations, so I seriously recommend you guys go check it out. If you still have your old Pottermore username, you can actually reclaim your wand and house, which is also a great option (which I didn’t do because I wanted to see the illustrations).

What are your feelings regarding the new Pottermore?

If you do decide to do the quizzes/ reclaim your old house + wand, what are your results?

I’d love to hear your answers to these questions!!

Kellie x


Visit Pottermore


4 thoughts on “Thoughts: Pottermore’s New Look

    1. Yeah, I agree, that was probably a reason why Pottermore got revamped. I sort of like the old site better too, but at least the information is still there!!

      And high five! I’m a ravenclaw (now) too! I just read the wand woods article and your sycamore wand seems really cool! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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