Book Rating System

I essentially use the same book rating system as Goodreads, but there are a few changes I made to it. I hope this clears any confusion regarding the rating system I use!!


Kellie 🙂

Rating System

★★★★★ + ∞

  • This book has a spot on my All-Time-Favourites shelf.
  • Has all of the attributes a 5 star book
  • I haven’t been able to find any flaws
  • Completely original
  • Awe-inspiring

★★★★★: 5 stars

  • Fantastic
  • Minimal flaws found
  • Liked the characters
  • Nice pace
  • Writing-style was pretty good
  • Amazing


  • Flaws
  • Enjoyable plot
  • Liked the characters
  • Story does not have a big impact
  • Pretty original.
  • It was ok


  • A little cliché
  • Simple plot
  • Most likely unmemorable.
  • Has potential


  • Simple plot
  • Unmemorable
  • Unrealistic characters
  • Clichéd

★☆☆☆☆: 1 star

  • Very cliché
  • Plot is undeveloped
  • Unmemorable
  • Unrealistic characters
  • Most likely did not finish.
  • This book wasn’t for me

  • DNF: A review will probably not be posted if I haven’t finished the book



What are your thoughts?

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