Random: Browsing for Fonts


Hi guys!

When I’m not reading, you can often find me browsing for fonts on the internet. That’s because sometimes, I feel like the standard fonts that come with applications are not diverse enough. Usually, I find some really cool or quirky fonts so I though I’d share some interesting fonts I’ve discovered with you guys!!

All of the fonts in this post are 100% free, so they can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. Of course, it’s always nice to give some credit to the original artist if you know who the artist is. 🙂

There might be two types of font files in this post: .OTF and .TTF. They are different, and there is a forum explaining the difference here! I personally prefer to use OpenType font files.

Without further ado, here are the quirky fonts that I’ve found this week:

I accidentally spelt the name of the last font incorrectly. Sorry, Balqis!

Coco Typefamily (by Hendrick Rolandez) | 1942 Report | Cookies & Milk | Kualamanpa | Balqis (Artimasa Studio & Free Design Resources)

These fonts are all so amazing, and can be used in practically anything you want to make!

Special shout out to: This awesome Star Wars themed dingbat font

I really hoped you guys liked this post and perhaps even found a new font to download!! I know this post is a little different, but I just really wanted to share some fonts with you guys. 😛 tumblr_nx4o396vf71sx57tdo1_1280


6 thoughts on “Random: Browsing for Fonts

    1. Arrrr! This post made me super happy. Have you read Just My Type by Simon Garfield? If not you might like it given the nature of this post.
      x The Captain


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