Update: I just watched the “The Martian”!

Hi there!!

Currently, I am sitting in front of this laptop in awe. That’s because I’m amazed by
how much I liked The Martian. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the book beforehand because I wasn’t sure I would like it. I kept on putting the book aside, and thus, I went into the cinema unsure of what to expect.

The movie was interesting from the start to the end (but that might just be because I’ve always loved space-related films). There was even a little humour which lightened the heavy atmosphere, and I loved it. I simply loved this movie. I really recommend you watch it. The maths isn’t too complicated. 😉

Consequently, I am definitely going to read the book soon haha.


Kellie ❤



3 thoughts on “Update: I just watched the “The Martian”!

    1. Same! I’m usually behind on these things as well (I still need to read the book :P). This time though, people told me about the Martian, so I knew about it haha. I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to watch it in the cinema!! Hope you enjoy the Martian when you read/watch it!

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