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Hey there! ❤

The LOVELY Alicia from #LoveBooks has nominated me to do the emoji tag. I’m so excited do this (thank you so much for nominating me, Alicia!!!). Make sure to go check out her blog, because her blog is pure awesomeness!! 🙂

The Emoji Tag: Pair up five books with five emojis that you have used recently.

Emoji: Tears of joy/ Crying while laughing (or as I like to call it, craughing)

Book: Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods

Greek mythology is a complicated matter. There are Homer’s epics, which are interesting but long… and then there are books like Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, which had me laughing the entire time. This books makes all those Greek myths so enjoyable. Percy is the person to go to if you need info about your Greek myths.

Emoji: Scream

Book: Crossing the Ice

Crossing the Ice wasn’t a scary book or a bad book. It’s just that the heroine sometimes annoyed me a lot. I wanted to scream in frustration when the main character did something foolish.

Emoji: Sleeping 
 Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina is a good book. I managed to finish volume I, which is quite an accomplishment for me, considering the fact that I got really confused about the Russian nicknames. I chose the sleeping emoji, because some parts of the book were really slow, and made me want to sleep. However, the over-arching plot line of Anna Karenina is quite interesting.

Emoji: Heart

Book: Heir of Fire

I love many books (e.g. All the Light we Cannot SeeHowl’s Moving Castle… etc.), and my most recent new favourite is Heir of Fire. This book is a fantastic sequel to Crown of Midnight and it had me sitting on the edge of my seat the entire time. Everything about this books is amazing!

Emoji: Happy 

Book: The Penderwicks in Spring

Yes, The Penderwicks in Spring is a Middle Grade story, but it is a cute, adorable book that made me undeniably happy. I fell in love with this series when I was young, and I still love reading about the Penderwicks. All of the characters are so well-developed that I just love reading about the interactions between them.

I hope you guys liked reading about this! What are your thoughts, and what emojis would you pair up with these books?

I nominate:

Chandini @ Of Rambles and Books

Anjie @ Love Thy Shelf

Tiffani @ The Book Venom

Leanna @ Short Story Long

And of course, I nominate YOU (if you want to do this tag). 🙂




3 thoughts on “A Book Tag: Emoji Tag

    1. Same here, the short stories are so awesome. I haven’t read all of them yet either, but I am planning to!! Have you read Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes yet? I’ve heard that it’s really good. 🙂


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