Update: 8tracks and other things

Hey there!!!

First of all, sorry for going AWOL for a while. With school and everything, it’s been a little stressful (and I have a maths test next week, *sigh* life). I hope you guys are enjoying reading my book reviews though! I’d love to hear your thoughts on them! I do have a few things to address:

  1. (Book) Tags: I’ve actually completed them already. I schedule my posts though, so you may not actually see those posts until October or so. Sorry! I keep a very strict schedule, so I’m really sorry if it seemed like I wasn’t not going to do tag you nominated me for. I would never neglect a tag I’ve been nominated for (thank you for nominating me). 🙂
  2. 8tracks: I’ve been exploring 8tracks for a while. It’s this really cool website with playlists hand-crafted by users all around the world. I’ve been loving this website, because I get introduced to so many new songs whilst listening to other people’s playlists. I even created my own playlists!! Here’s my most popular one:
    Epics from pinklines on 8tracks Radio.

So it’s been pretty cool! Here’s to hoping I’ll have more free time soon!!


Kellie xo


What are your thoughts?

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