A Book Review: Royal Wedding, by Meg Cabot

Royal Wedding,  by Meg Cabot

4.5 Stars

A bride is taking a journey, a magical journey toward a future of happiness and joy, and even though we aren’t taking that journey with her, we want to vicariously enjoy the ride.”

This story was so sweet. Reading it just made me feel extremely happy and extremely nostalgic. It reminded me of all the other Princess Diaries books I read when I was in primary school. Royal Wedding was definitely more mature than the other books, but it still had the same distinct feel.

I have never understood how Mia can update her diary so frequently. I could never update my diary so diligently (partly because I keep on forgetting to). How does she do it?! After reading this book, I still don’t understand.

As always, I loved reading about Mia and her friends. The set of characters in this book is diverse, and Cabot presents them in a way that makes them very real. They have flaws, they have problems, they have the same worries that many people do in real life. Since this book is written in a diary format (which includes text messages), it allows for a more in depth exploration of Mia’s characteristics, thoughts, and her take on the personality of others.

Cabot brought back the old set of characters- all of whom I love reading about. Grandmère is still the same old Grandmère. Michael is still very sweet. Lilly is still very Lilly. She also added new, fantastic characters. Olivia is so endearing, and I loved the relationship between Olivia and Mia’s dad.

Whilst reading Mia’s diary, I could tell that Mia had matured a lot. She is much more considerate. For example, she begins to look at her own situation from other people’s point of view. Despite how she is constantly mobbed by the paparazzi, she knows that she is much more fortunate than many other people on the planet. By the end of the book, she is able to accept and embrace her life, or as Paolo would put it, her diamond shoes.

“So you got to decide, Principessa, what are you going to do, put on your diamond shows and go to the dance? Or take them off and stay home? I know what I would do if someone give me diamond shows. I would go to the dance and I would never stop dancing until my feet fell off.”

There are also lots of twists in this book, and some where a bit of a disappointment. For example, the reveal of the true identity of RoyalRabbleRouser was a total let down. There were also other twists that I loved, even if they weren’t very original.

Like the other Princess Diaries books, this book is packed with humour. At some points, I couldn’t stop laughing! I loved this passage:

Grandmère’s always insisting that the secret to aging gracefully is remaining well hydrated, but I sometimes wonder if this isn’t actually the secret to life itself.

I couldn’t stop laughing at this one:

“According to the Inside Edition, the reason we’re getting married in such a rush is because you’re carrying my unborn twins. Congratulations. At least they’re not Prince Harry’s this time.”

Oh Lana:

“Surprise, bitch!” Lana said as my jaw dropped.

This book was wonderful, and I would most certainly read it again!


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