A Book Review: The Winner’s Crime, by Marie Rutkoski

The Winner’s Crime, by Marie Rutkoski

3.5 Stars


How blinding can love be?

Very blinding. Arin was blinded half the time, and Kestrel really broke down near the end.

After reading the book, I feel like Kestrel is losing her touch. That’s due to the inner turmoil (feeling and reason turmoil) within her that was effectively conveyed throughout the book. In the end, her reason is overpowered by her heart- which isn’t a bad thing. I can tell that it’s essential for future romance between Arin and Kestrel. Although I really wish that she had considered the consequences like she usually does before doing what she did in the book. When I was reading this book, the emotion I felt the most was sympathy. Sympathy for Kestrel, for Arin, for Jess, for Verex (who is x10 better than his dad).

We also get to see the dark, cruel side of the Emperor. At first, it seemed like the Emperor respected Kestrel in his own twisted way. It seemed like Kestrel was able to hide some things from the Emperor and that she had the upper hand… at times. But really, she never had the upper hand, because the Emperor is that skilled at politics.

The Winner’s Crime is written in the same entrancing way as The Winner’s Curse. The paragraphs were short, but the impact of them was strong. I could tell that the sentences were probably carefully worded to maximise the effect of them. The sentences were short, and concise. Since this story is not light and carefree, the heavy words just enhanced the overall good impression I had of the book. I quite liked this writing style as I thought it fit this story perfectly.

This is a paragraph:

“His jaw tightened.”

It also included cool nuggets like this:

“Deal with danger before it deals with you.”

Great for quoting, haha. This story was seriously cool, and I’m definitely going to check out the next book. Can’t wait!

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