A Book Review: The Young Elites, by Marie Lu

The Young Elites, by Marie Lu

     4 Stars

In summary, The Young Elites was a sensational, thrilling, dark read. Having loved Marie Lu’s Legend series, I simply had to read her new book- this ajsdklajskldjakldjalkjdkaljdl book. Once I started reading this, I found it impossible to put down. Seriously.

First off, can we just talk about how amazing the characters are? Ms Lu has really upped her game in this aspect. Every single character had great flaws, great characteristics, great personalities. Each and every character is so complex in their own special way, I can just tell Ms Lu has probably spent ages planning them. Just when you think you know a character, their hidden side gets revealed, and then you realize that this character had so much more depth that you had not originally thought about.

Adelina was a very dark character. I loved her internal monologues. Her constant self-doubt and hatred is in a way explained from the very start, and it just accentuates the sinister aspect of her character. I don’t deny that I’d probably be a little freaked out by her if I had actually met Adelina in real life. On top of that, her character growth is just astounding. At the start, she was a character of uncertainty. At the end of the book, Adelina just embraces herself, and no longer tries to suppress her dark thoughts. However, there are some moments where I thought Adelina should have known better, but I don’t complain too much about these parts, because those parts caused the necessary outcome for the development of the plot.

“Tell me,” Teren whispers. “Have the Young Elites taken you under their wing?”
Drumbeats pound in my ears. I stay frozen, unable to answer his question.
“Seeing as how you’re alive and well, I’ll assume yes.” I don’t even have to see Teren’s face to know that he’s smiling. “Are you so sure about their intentions? Do you trust your rescuers so easily?”

^ Either Teren is the next Sherlock Holmes, or Adelina is just not good at concealing her secrets (a quality which I don’t expect from a character like her’s).

My favourite character was Rafaelle. And it’s not only because he is supremely good looking. He is an interesting character. Like Adelina, he has a more sinister side to his character. But this time, I didn’t expect his dark side to be well… so dark.

For a moment, however brief, the gentleness on his face fades away to reveal something hard and dark.

Maybe I really did get fooled by his good looks, haha. He has an intriguing part in this story- a part that is of course, definitely essential. I am really looking forward to reading about him in the next book. (✿◠‿◠)

I loved how the relationship between Adelina and the other Elites progressed. Apart from her relationship, her skills also improved, and were very impressive. Check this out:

Something sharp taps against my chest. When I look down, I see a sword point hovering over my ribs. “Don’t forget one weapon just because of another,” he says. A flicker of approval flashes in his eyes. “Or you’ll find yourself skewered in no time.”
“Then maybe you should know which weapons are real,” I reply. The dagger I’m holding near his throat vanishes in a puff of smoke.

There was a little romance, and it was a nice addition to the otherwise sombre story. My heart is still reeling from that unexpected twist with Enzo. Why? Why??!?!

That twist was totally unexpected. I really didn’t expect that to happen to such an important major character. Since Enzo is a main character, I wonder if he will reappear in the next book… somehow. The twist might really be final though. If it is, I’m impressed as many authors find little loopholes to make much loved characters reappear again.

The setting of The Young Elites was a unique one, and I would have liked to have learnt a little more about it.

Finally, that cliffhanger. I have no comments for that intense cliffhanger. I have no choice but to wait sadly patiently for the next book to come out. In the meantime, I really recommend that you read this book. Don’t pass it up! It’s a fantastic read.


An open letter to awesome authors,

Please don’t give us a cliffhanger. Even though us readers will not actually, physically, hang off a cliff, our emotions will teeter on the edge unsteadily.

A devoted reader,

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