A Book Review: Dorothy Must Die, by Danielle Paige

Dorothy Must Die, by Danielle Paige

3.5 Stars


^ That pretty much sums up my impression of this book.

Dorothy Must Die was definitely very exciting. As a young child, I’d heard a lot about the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy, the Tin Man, etc… But I’d never actually read the Wizard of Oz. So when I dived into this book, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. And woah, this book was amazing- it blew me away.

Let’s talk about Dorothy. I don’t think I have ever met a more spoiled character. Every time I encountered Dorothy in the story, I literally cringed… unconsciously. Ms Paige has done well in crafting this petulant character. The unpredictability and emotional turmoil within Dorothy really helped me to imagine what kind of person she really was, and the impact of a bad regent (ahem Dorothy in this book, ahem). I am actually a bit hesitant to go read the original Wizard of Oz book now, as that horrible impression I’ve gained from the Dorothy in this book is definitely going blemish the impression I will have of the Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

An ongoing theme throughout this book, is trust.



I don’t think this theme was very well incorporated into the book (unfortunately). Amy is told over and over again by the members of the revolutionary order of the wicked that she is to not trust anyone… even them. But guess what Amy does- she trusts them. Not that I can blame her. It is quite lonely to be in a foreign place with strangers. Although I did hope, throughout the entire time I was reading this, that Amy would not trust them too much. But that’s beside the main point. On the surface, the characters seem as though they do not trust each other, but underneath it seems like they do trust each other which contrasts with what I assume Ms Paige is trying to convey: you can’t trust each other in this strange, damaged land. For example, Bombi and Gert actually dotrust each other- deep down- that neither of them will betray the order. Isn’t that a form of trust? That trust element is a wacky part of the book, it just messes up the mind. Ugh my brain is twisting just trying to explain this.

I was a bit disappointed the wizard didn’t appear more in this book. He turns out to be a critical character near the last parts of the book, so I was curious as to why he wasn’t integrated more into the book. There are of course, already many interesting characters in this book, but the wizard was one of the characters I was most curious about. Especially as he gave some sort of “clue” to Amy to help her with her “mission”. He seems to have that kind of pulling-the-strings-from-behind-the-scenes air around him, and those kinds of people are always cool (e.g. Dumbledore).

There were some twists in this book. Some were predictable but others were not. For example, I could predict what would happen to Dorothy in the end (trying not to spoil the book). But I seriously could not tell the… relationship between Pete and Ozma, and the interrelation. That was a significant shocker.

There was plenty of action in this book. In Dorothy Must Die, Amy undergoes this kind of training and it’s really cool to be able to see the development of her skills, and her general dance toward self-acceptance. And Nox was mysterious, but he didn’t appeal to me as much as Will Herondale did (Will is my ultimate book boyfriend *wink*). Nox kind of bothered me with the I-know-who-I-am, I-don’t-need-to-question-anything attitude, but I feel like he’ll be a good guy in the end.

I really recommend this book for people who loved The Wizard of Oz, and people who love action, fantasy, and extra wickedness 😉

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