A Book Review: Earth Girl, by Janet Edwards

Earth Girl, by Janet Edwards

2 Stars

I have to say, Earth Girl by Janet Edwards was an interesting read. The whole concept of this book was intriguing, and that was what really compelled me to read this book. Basically, this book takes place many (as in many centuries) after our time. Human Kind have discovered new worlds, and most of the humans have moved to live in those new worlds. Unfortunately, some people are “handicapped” or “apes” which makes them unable to live anywhere but Earth. Because of that, they are looked down upon by the “Exos” who are able to live in those places. It just so happens, that the main character Jarra is handicapped. Jarra has always loved history, which is why she decides to embark on a history course.

Now, on to the review. This book was not a bad book. As I said, the concept of worlds, portals and everything was very interesting. I never felt as if I was trying to finish it. The book had a nice pace. Nothing was too rushed. But at some times, the everything happened a little too fast for me to take in everything. Also, I thought that the author could really develop and talk about some more aspects of the society in which Jarra lives in. I was craving for details (not literally, but you get the idea).

About the characters. Most of the character were nice and well-written. After I finished reading the book, I figured that my favourite character in this book was Lecturer Playdon. Go figure. First of all, Jarra was an “okay” character. She was very happy, bouncy and everything. That was what  made her seem a bit immature to me. I mean, Jarra is supposed to be 18. Secondly… Fian. Fian was interesting, Edwards did successfully delve into his background. What made me think he was not exactly a well-rounded character was because of what happened(SPOILER!) after the twoing contract he made with Jarra. I mean, someone who was lying about her whole identity made a contract with him without telling him the truth. He was only mad for a few moments which seemed a bit unnatural to me. I’m going to assume that he did that because he was madly in love with her. In reality, that kind of deception would have still put a few cracks in their relationship that they would be able to heal- but only over time. But I also think that the cheerfulness (and the innocence) of the characters made this a light but engaging read. I’d read a lot of “deep” books recently, so Earth Girl was refreshing!

Earth Girl is a great book, and I think that people should really check it out!

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