A Book Review: Vendetta, by Catherine Doyle

Vendetta, by Catherine Doyle

3 Stars

Vendetta, by Catherine Doyle was a fantastic read. Before I read this book, I was intrigued by the blurb. I’ve never read anything about the mafia (or at least I think I didn’t). The book itself was a bit disappointing, but I still liked it, hence the three stars.

The book started off pleasantly, there was not much action, but it was still interesting enough for me to carry on reading. I found it all very amusing, and actually burst out laughing when a cat coincidentally “hurtled” in front of Sophie. When I read up to the part where she met Nic and Luca formally in the restaurant, I was literally doing this:

Because, it was pretty cliche.

At first I found Nic seriously weird, because he was too nice to Sophie. When his… ah… darker side was revealed, he immediately became a much more convincing character. And then there was also Luca (he has the same name as my Physics teacher, which is pretty awkward as I kept on imagining my physics teacher whenever “Gianluca” was mentioned). He acted like he really hated Sophie- AND for no reason. It was as if he was going through several mood swings or something. But he turns out to be a generally nice guy, who shows more restraint than Sophie’s love interest when it comes to beating people up.

As I mentioned before, I was supremely excited about the mafia aspect of this book. After reading this book, I just felt as if the mafia aspect was not very well incorporated. It simply didn’t feel real. I did not feel any excitement, or fear, or any emotion really, regarding the Mafia. In this book, the mafia is kind of like an important although distant figure, who does have an certain, small impact on your life, but is not intricately involved in your daily activities… if that makes sense. Basically, the mafia was not even hinted upon until… two thirds into the book? Even though it’s supposed to be a major part of the story. I would have liked to learn more about the Mafia, and the huge role it plays in the Falcone’s lives.

On a side note, this book is supposed to be a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet. In the book, Sophie is obviously supposed to be Juliet. To be very honest, I couldn’t clearly identify who was supposed to be Romeo. I’m guessing Nic, but I also feel like it could be Luca. Hmm… it depends.

Vendetta was a great book. Now go try it out!!!! 😉

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