A Book Review: We were Liars, by E. Lockhart

We were Liarsby E. Lockhart

5 WHOPPING stars 

To sum it up… We were Liars, by E. Lockhart is a very interesting book. Warning: This review has plenty of spoilers.

You might be thinking: how? This book has one of the most complex plots and a few puzzling but intriguing characters I have ever encountered in the course of my reading experience. Don’t even get me started on Lockhart’s brilliant writing style.

Admittedly, it took me a while to get used to the writing style. At first, I even thought it was slightly annoying. As I read on, however, I felt that this kind of style didn’t hinder my understanding of the events in the book at all. In fact, it definitely added to the tension and atmosphere created by this book. If the book hadn’t been written in this way, I think that the book won’t have the same impact on me. I mean check out this passage- It’s BEAUTIFUL:

“I’m okay,

my head is okay,

no one needs to cry for me or worry about me.

I am fine,

I am alive.”

This writing style used in this passage just makes me cling onto the words, and scramble to read the next line in order to finish that line of thought. That is how compelling Lockhart’s use of enjambment is- how compelling her writing style is. Even though We were Liars uses poetic techniques such as enjambment, it is not poetry but prose. That is why I find this book so unique, because I haven’t actually seen any use of enjambment in prose before.

The characters- Gat, Mirren, Johnny, Cadence, Taft, Will… They’re all so real. Like all round characters, these people have both their flaws, and their strengths. But to add an extra layer of depth, Lockhart makes these flaws relatable and ordinary. For example, Cadence’s Aunts are in a sense, greedy. When these characters display their bad side, it’s really easy to hate them. But then they do something nice, and that makes you reconsider and change your entire opinion of their character. With these characters, there is a love/hate relationship present. But overall, I love them all J

The plot is also fantastic and mesmerizing. Some bits and hints can be blatantly revealed, but there are some parts that are so well hidden and woven into the plot, that you seriously won’t see it coming. It can be confusing at first, but in a good way. As you read a long, you’ll start to get it.

In the end, I really recommend you read this book. Lockhart has written and incredible novel, and it is worth your time.

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